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23 October 2012

Life is good :)

Life just gets busier -

I was really pleased that we got 192 new donors on the register at my bone marrow clinic in Ulverston. Roger and all the staff at Ulverston Victoria High School made us feel really welcome - so many pupils were helping direct people and restock bits, so thank you everyone. It's so exciting that the age has been lowered to 16 as so many young people are willing to help if we can just educate them and let them make the choice. I was really pleased that most of the sixth form pupils chose to join up and also that Miss Rann drove some of my old Chetwynde friends through so that they could join. I also got to watch my best friend Sammi join the register which was really special for both of us. So thank you everyone and don't forget, if you are 16 - 30 you can find out more and then apply online for a spit kit (LOL) to join the register HERE.

The Kili trekkers are back home and my poor mum didn't quite make it to the top. They all got to the last camp but some were either sick or got altitude sickness, so 10 of them got to the very top.  But well done to everyone - we're just waiting for all the sponsor money to come in and then I can go and order it which I'm so excited about. You can still sponsor them HERE and help me go and get my caravan!  My poor dad didn't get to go cos I was ill but he and Mum are going back to climb Kili in October next year and my sister Milly is going with them. There's already a few others signing up, so it will be a #KILI2013 for #TEAMALICE :) although they'll be avoiding KLM as even though they booked as a group, they didn't get seats together. Then in 2014, they are all off to Machu Picchu (don't know if I spelt that right) and hopefully we'll get another caravan :)

I've had a really busy few weeks and have hardly been at home. Two weeks ago, we met the team at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Surrey. They are absolutely lovely and are trying to do what they can for me. I was going to be back at Clatterbridge for a few weeks of radiation, but when I got to the hospital on Wednesday, they'd decided to give me a more intense blast and then I ended up back in Alder Hey and had surgery to put another line in (my 8th)! It had to go in my groin which is a bit uncomfortable but at least it's in. I have so many scars all over me - mum used to say I was like a butterfly, but they're not that even now, so I think I'm bit more like a caterpillar chewed leaf! So I'm feeling a bit better from that and slowly walking a bit more again.

I'm trying to get on a drug trial but things haven't been going quite as well as they should and it's not that simple. I think I'm a difficult case so I'm making them really think. The team down here are really nice and have a good sense of humour which we like. I know it's kind of serious, but being miserable and serious doesn't make it any better. So I'm keeping myself positive and I won't stop smiling :)

I had a lovely Saturday evening as well. Because I'm down in London, I got to go to the Million Pound Drop and spend time with Davina who has been lovely to me and my family. She is really a very normal person, a bit mad which fits well with me and just really, really nice. Milly enjoyed a bit of a fashion show with her and we also got to meet Peter Andre who was really nervous about going on the show. I felt so sorry for him cos they lost at the end but they'd been doing really well and it was a shame.

And my last bit of news … I've won a PRIDE OF BRITAIN award! I found out about this about a month ago and to be honest, I have worried about it since because I just don't think that I'm like the other winners that they've had. So I'm a bit nervous about it and worried about what people will think, but really excited too. My friend Emma (Forbes) is having me a dress made and I'm so grateful to her cos I just can't find anything to fit me anymore. I'm looking for some really soft ballet pumps if anyone knows where to find any. I mean really soft, slipper sort of ones cos my feet are so sore that I can't manage in heels anymore. I just hope that I don't fall over in front of the television cameras.

My life is just too good to for me to go anywhere at the moment!

9 October 2012

ULVERSTON Anthony Nolan Clinic



Ulverston Victoria High School, Springfield Rd

Friday 12th October 
from 1.30pm until 5pm

Together with Anthony Nolan, I'm hosting a Bone Marrow Recruitment clinic THIS COMING FRIDAY at Ulverston Victoria High School, Springfield Road in Ulverston.

But this one is different! 

For the first time ever, 16 and 17 year olds will be able to sign up and make a difference.  There is nothing that means as much to me as getting everyone to sign up to be a potential donor. So many people are dying because their match isn't on the register - it could be YOU or your loved one searching for a donor next time. I'm hoping to be there for as much of the clinic as possible, so please come along to meet me and sign up to make a difference.  

In addition to members of the public age 16 - 30, I'm inviting eligible students from all local schools and colleges to come along and make a difference -
UVHS who are kindly hosting the event for us, and ...
Barrow Sixth Form, Chetwynde, Furness Academy, Furness College, St Bernards, Walney, 
Dowdales and Millom.
John Ruskin, The Lakes School and Windermere School.
Cartmel Priory, Dallam, Kirbie Kendal, Stramongate, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Katherine.

I hope I haven't missed anyone out, but if I have, come along and tell me off (and then sign up)!
Teachers, PLEASE help them to get there, this is SO important and it's educational!

Don't forget that this clinic is for anyone from 16 up to 30, so if you know anyone in that age group that isn't already on the register, please bring them along! I expect all the young BAE workers there too and any nice young policemen and firemen ... everyone really. I don't want much lol.

The clinic will be run by staff from Anthony Nolan along with trained volunteers. If you are unsure about joining the register, you can find the answers to lots of questions HERE, watch the video HERE or come along on the day and we'll be happy to talk about it.

PLEASE NOTE: Television will be present and filming on the day.