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15 June 2012

I'm 16 … and a half!

I can't tell you the reason why I'm awake so early, but I am and wow, guess what - today I'm 16 and a half! And 16 and a half is quite something when I wasn't supposed to make 16!
I don't see why I can't be like the Queen and celebrate my birthday twice - December's a naff time of year to have a birthday anyway!

Last week, I went down to London for a few things. I got to eat yet more cake with Emma Forbes and Lily came along too which was nice. On Thursday evening, I went to the Ray's of Sunshine concert. It was a really, really good night but I was quite tired by the end of it. It was so funny cos about a dozen different people came up to me and asked "Are you Alice?" - it was so nice to know that people do actually come here and read it (well, I know people read it, but I dont always meet you all). JLS were the main reason I wanted to go and I loved Leona Lewis too.  I didn't really know much about Pixie Lott before the concert although Milly is already a fan, but I just loved her music and the way she performed. It's getting a bit annoying, cos I keep finding things I like and I'm running out of time to start having new things lol. It's a bit like finding a nice restaurant on the last day of your holiday!

On Friday, a friend of ours did a Ulverston school reunion night in aid of the charity and on Saturday, Dad went with the other Simon to receive a cheque from Furness Boxing - thank you everyone x
Ulverston Victoria High School have been very busy supporting my charity and have raised almost £1,000 for us in just a few months.  That's a huge amount and I'm going to their Prize Giving on Tuesday to receive the cheque.  I'm just hoping that I can wake up in a brave mood and get up and say thank you!

Dad's in Sweden with work this week and he sent us some photos and it looks so beautiful. We all went to Stockholm a few years ago and we loved it, but it was so expensive. It was when mum was home educating us and we visited the Vasa, which was a sad story, but it's incredible to look at.  We used to do lots of travelling around to find out about things. Mum hated us sat indoors writing! I think that's why Milly loves her new school so much, they kind of let you learn by going out and doing it, not making you sit in rows doing boring stuff.

Next Thursday, Milly carries the Olympic torch through Keswick and we are all so excited about it. We should really take a bus up there cos there are so many of us and Milly's year at school are all going to support her too, so if the sun can just shine (I will put in an order lol), it will just make it perfect. Well, perfect apart from the fact that her Olympic uniform doesn't fit her and they don't seem to be that interested. Mum spent over half an hour on the phone to the helpline who weren't very helpful. They said to turn up on the day and that there might be a spare uniform on the bus but they couldn't say for definite. They were going to get back to her on Wednesday - she's still waiting lol. 

The Thursday afterwards is my Prom. I'm besides myself with excitement and I can't believe that I'm going to get to go. I've still got to find some shoes which is quite difficult as my feet are small, thin and too sore for heels, they need to be completely flat, but as I'm already vertically challenged I'll make a sad sight next to my friends in 4" heels! 

In a few weeks time, on 7th July, we are entering a float in Ulverston's Carnival. We've done a design around the Olympics and now all we have to do, is make about a million paper flowers to decorate it lol. Mum has managed to make it into a wine and flower making evening - she thinks that they'll look better after a few glasses (the flowers not the mums)! Anyway, on the day, we need Team Alice VOLUNTEERS to help us out for the afternoon, so let my mum know if you can help. The carnival is fantastic and Ulverston is such a lovely town with little cobbled streets and quaint pubs and stuff. 
Don't forget that my charity website is HERE - we've still got bits to add to it, but it's getting there and I'm very excited that we'll be adding a shop soon, so you can all walk around in purple t-shirts, carrying a Mabel mascot lol.

6 June 2012


Wow, sat in the car on the way to London and just realised that it's ONE WHOLE YEAR since I started my blog! So I'm declaring it my "Blog-iversary" week and I'm celebrating just being here! Never ever imagined that I'd still be here and definitely didn't think that I'd be fit enouh to be going to a concert - I put it down to PMA and a lot of giggles (plus a few meds from Mr Pizer)! Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to the Rays of Sunshine concert at the Royal Albert Hall and I'm so excited. So far, I know that JLS, Leona Lewis, Pixie Lott, Alexandra Burke, Conor Maynard, Diversity, Spellbound ... not usually starstruck but WOW getting excited for this! Okay back to my twitter - Facebook too slow on the move!

♥ Prom Dresses ♥ Jasper ♥ Camping ♥

oh dear, I started writing this and cos I didn't publish it, it's out of date so I better update it and then you'll know everything.
We've had loads of charity events this last month - TEAM ALICE did so well in the K2B and C2B, we had three ladies from Dunnerholme Golf Club who walked the Cumbrian Coastal Way which is 45 miles, Kendal College held a beauty day, my Uncle Gary did the K2B AGAIN (mad Uncle), the Barrow Raiders walked from Barrow to Workington which is 50 miles and Ulverston Victoria High school held a non uniform day for us. Thank you everyone :)
We've all been really busy. Just after the K2B, my whole family visited BBC Radio Cumbria in Carlisle which was really interesting (and they had nice cakes). That following weekend, I went to Promise Bridal in Barrow and they found me a beautiful Prom dress - I actually felt pretty and my BFFs were there.

I had a visit to Alder Hey and my consultant let me have more drugs so hopefully I'll actually get to my prom. Later that week Dave from Cumbria Police came with three of his dogs and they were all lovely but I fell in love with Jasper. Bailey sounded like he wanted to eat us until he came out of the cage and then he was like a teddy bear and Maddy was just really cute and wanted to play with her ball! Dave also presented me with a cheque for my charity so thank you for that. On Sunday we went to Leven's Hall and they are going to be supporting our families. I really enjoyed it there - the house and gardens are beautiful and they let me ride around in an electric scooter. One of my favourite bits was meeting their labradors! My mum was desperate to sense the ghost in the bedroom - strange mother!

On Monday last week, the BBC came and did some filming with Milly (she's at 7min, 25sec) and then the next day, Mum took Milly down to GOSH. She had quite a busy time in London with appointments at hospital and fitting other things in and they went to look at our new charity 'By Biehl' bracelet too. It's gorgeous with a leather strap and a silver pod bead with a sunshine on it, like the sunshine from our charity logo. My mug is still available HERE at Emma Bridgewater or at Murray's chemist in Barrow. We also have charity wristbands, Mabel mascots, 'Bold beanie' hats (I wear and love these), plus t-shirts and sweatshirts coming and they'll all be on our website soon. 
They got back late on Thursday night and then all had to go for speech day at Milly's school the next morning. Then, we all went camping for the weekend and only got back last night. So now mum has bags from last week in London and bags and tents from this week, all over the hallway! And we are going down to London AGAIN tomorrow! I was sent a VIP ticket to the Rays of Sunshine concert at the Royal Albert Hall and mum managed to get a ticket for Milly too, so we're all going down until the weekend. I can't wait to see Leona Lewis performing and also JLS who Milly and me met when they were in X Factor (don't we look young) and I love the dance groups that are going to be there too. I think we're also meeting up with Emma Forbes for a little bit more cake (LOL).

I've been really interested watching all the Jubilee celebrations. Milly got a really good book about the Queen and we both spent ages looking through it. I enjoyed most of the concert but parts of it were strange. I loved the video from when the Queen was younger and I liked Prince Charles speech.I was so impressed with the way they put all the designs onto the Palace when Madness were on (and I really enjoyed them - mum still plays their songs so I even knew some of the words). I'd like to look at the Palace and I would love to have a peek at the Olympic stadium if we can get anywhere near to it and I'm going to try to find a shop called Holly and Lil cos I want to get a posh collar for Mabel. We have a show near us every July called the North Lonsdale Show and this year, they are bringing back the dog show and it's called "Alice's Dog Show" to continue from the dog show that Cathy and Simon did for me last year. So Mabel has got to compete with the big dogs now cos she's not a puppy anymore :(
Right I'm going to bed now cos it's nearly tomorrow and I'm tired and it's a long way to London!