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10 May 2012

Left it a bit long once again but I'm still here (how many times have I said that LOL) and now I've figured out how to use colours on here, you're stuck with them!

The biggest thing that happened was that I got to escort the LEJOG cyclists into Ulverston on our charity launch day. I felt dead important cos we had policemen on motorbikes and all the cars had to let us through lol. I did a little interview with Elaine from ITV and she was so nice that for once I felt quite relaxed about it. I'm still no good with the video bits but I'll ask mum to add them for me and a video that we are making about the LEJOG team. They made it up to John o groats on Sunday evening and I was so sad not to be there. They all came round here the other night and I presented them with a little award and they gave me a gorgeous photograph that they'd all signed and I really love it, so thank you. You are all such stars to me :)

My charity is really starting to get going. Mum has contacted the first families and we are about to match them to a holiday which is so exciting cos that's what we're about. We've had more businesses come forward to offer things for our families and we've had more donations from businesses. 

This Saturday is the Kesick to Barrow walk. We have got a huge team entered and I can't wait to see all the purple Team Alice t-shirts on the route. Mum, Dad and Milly are walking as well as loads of our family and friends (even my Nan is walking), so if you see any Team Alice walkers I want you to give them a big cheer and tell them that they are NOT to give up LOL. It's another thing that I didn't know if I'd be here to see, so another special thing for me and I'm going to do a special dance for sunshine :)

In September, Team Alice are climbing up Kilimanjaro so that we can try and buy our own charity caravan for our families to use. That will be as well as the local accommodations and it will just mean that we should always have somewhere to use if a family needs a holiday. I think that there are about 20 of them going up there and I hope there's a link to my mum and dad's Just Giving page somewhere on here (easy cos Just Giving do a code for you to paste on here - I need that for my photos and videos lol) and if you go on there, you can either sponsor them or you can click on the 'Team Alice' bit and pick any of the others as it's all one team really. Even if you can only give a £1 it will be good because there's over 3,000 people visit my page here every single day. I would love to be able to go and pick a caravan for our charity so get giving and then maybe I can tick that off too. I would say that's my next aim, to be here to choose the charity caravan, but I do have something else on my list that's even sooner. It's only little and it's really quite selfish cos it's all about me and not really helping anyone else, but ...

Next month, I'm really hoping to go to my (old) school prom. All of my old class are leaving school this month and although most of us have lost touch, I'm still really good friends with Sammi, Clarissa and Megs and they included me in their school prom. When I first did my blog, a lady called Sharon wrote and offered me a pamper evening trying on dresses at her shop, Promise Bridal. I haven't managed to go yet but she has been back in touch and offered me a prom dress, so I'm really excited. I'm just hoping that they do dresses that make you look fatter - that's a lesson for all of you wishing you were skinnier. Be careful what you wish for LOL. Anyway, I'm so excited that I might actually get to wear a prom dress and go to the ball and I know that my mum and dad will cry if I do get to go (and take millions of photographs I bet)!

One thing that I've been thinking lots about, was what to do about my blog when I'm not here anymore. I've already written loads of instructions for mum but I didn't know whether my blog should just be left, closed down or if I should ask my sister to keep it going for me, so that you can still know what my family are up to and what the charity is doing. Or would it be too weird lol. What do you think? 

Mum is out doing charity stuff (she has about 100 t-shirts to get to owners before tomorrow) and Nan is running around the house tidying cos Mum has invited about 100 to come and stay for the weekend! Milly has been off ill for a couple of days and mum is shoving all kinds of medicine in her because she is meant to be running on Saturday and it's the first year for our own charity so it's really important to us all. I think it might be my fault because I've had a chest infection going on for a few weeks and I might have hugged Milly a bit too much. I'm sure that she'll just get up and do it :) So that's it for today. I need to go back to sleep after writing all of that! 

Keep smiling :) 
Love Alice x
PS I've come back cos I forgot to say Happy Birthday to my Uncle Gary x