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21 April 2012


I'm writing this and I've got to publish it completely on my own (I usually get Mum or someone to check over it) because mum is away for a few days with the LEJOG team. Well, she's not actually doing the LEJOG, she'd driving one of the support vans :)
Please follow our Team Alice on tour LEJOG blog HERE - they are posting every day that they can. They will be continuing onto Scotland from UVHS at 9am next Wednesday morning, so come along and cheer them off. Then, they are hoping to cycle along Milly's school drive to gather more support on the way up to the next overnight stop. I've just done a long car journey to Bournemouth and I can't believe that they are cycling more than all the way there and back again. Gulp!
So mum is somewhere in Cornwall and it seems such a long way and I'm counting the days until she's back again. I won't see her until the cyclists arrive in Ulverston next Tuesday for our launch. But Dad has got a full weekend planned with me and Milly and Marlene from the Rainbow Trust coming some of the days so it will be fun as well. 

I'm quite excited about officially launching the charity although we'll probably have 10 people turn up and we'll all just stand there and eat a cake and smile lol. I'm dead excited because we're being given a police escort to bring the cyclists into Ulverston. I'm hoping that I stay well - I usually get temperatures when there's something decent happening. I actually feel better this week than I did last so that's got to be a good thing. I've been having some chemo tablets just to calm things down and they've helped my itching quite a bit - I still itch but I'm not making holes in my skin anymore lol.  The other day I was having my normal bath and enjoying laying down (because I haven't been able to do that for 4 years) and when I sat up, just about all of my hair was floating in the bath. I can't believe it could drop out all together like that. This is about the 6th or 7th time that my hair has fallen out and usually it's little bits but this was just about every hair all in one go. I'm not going to waste too much time worrying about it but it's a bit of a pain because having no hair means that I definitely look like I've got cancer. At least with hair people just think I'm too thin and a bit pale! So it's back to bandanas for me and I'm just glad that the summer is just about here and my head isn't too cold.

Last weekend I did the Rotary Club awards in Bournemouth - well, I half did them! We drove all the way down there but when I went to the rehearsal the BBC presenter had a card with lots of questions for me even though we'd agreed that I wouldn't be doing questions because I get very panicky. They did eventually say that they wouldn't ask me them and I could just say thank you, but I didn't really trust them and because it was going on live television, it worried me too much. My mum and dad were furious with them and I was quite glad that I didn't have to go up and do anything but I felt really sad for the Rotary Club who are wonderful and they were all so nice to me. Anyway I got my award presented to me in the break and Peter who was from the Babbacombe Rotary Club and his wife were so lovely and said that it really didn't matter to them and I wasn't to worry. Peter took my to meet a gorgeous puppy called Jason (my friend Jason will laugh at that) and he was so gorgeous that I almost want another one! I bumped into lots of other lovely people who recognised me, including three ladies from Ulverston and had my photo with quite a few, I felt like a bit of a star! I also got to see Luke (who started the THHN and is where I got the idea to start Alice's Escapes from) and we had a meal out with him and Hannah and her family who are amazing people. I think that Peter is going to send me some photographs so I'll post them on here when they come (but they might go to mum so I might have to wait a few days)!

The next big thing after the LEJOG is the Keswick to Barrow which is 40 miles in one day. I think that we have about 120 walkers doing that or the Coniston to Barrow so if you are watching on the day, give a special wave to all the special people wearing purple TEAM ALICE t-shirts. You can read about the walk HERE and have a look at the route. My sister is walking so look out for her too.

Right, that's it and I hope it's okay. I could ask Milly to check it but her english is quite good and she would start correcting it all and then it wouldn't be like me.
Have a nice weekend :)
Alice x

10 April 2012

Sorry again!

Sorry, i know I've been ages updating. I meant to do it every week and then I had a bad couple of weeks and then I've been sleeping lots and just busy here and there.  So sorry and here goes.
We went to the 'Love Barrow' awards and it was so nice to be out and I actually felt really well. Me and Milly had new dresses and my best friend Sammi came to support me. I was really nervous and hoping that I hadn't won anything so that I wouldn't have to go on the stage. I was really surprised when I won the 'Courage award' and Darren from Bay Radio gave me my award. We had to wait a long time for Milly's category but after they showed all the videos of the nominees, I was so happy when she was called out as the winner of the 'Young Citizen award'. She looked about 16 in her heels and didn't mind saying a few words. Well done Milly, I'm proud of you and thank you to John and everyone who organised the awards, they were amazing x

We went down to Crufts the very next day and although it was really tiring, it was so amazing just to be there. I really wanted the Newfoundland or the Borzoi to win cos I like big dogs.
The Company of Animals gave me a load of toys for Mabel and she is having so much fun playing with the Treat Maze. She was a bit naughty and ate the frisbee on the first day so I didn't manage to play with that properly. Thank you to you all and sorry about #NaughtyMabel.
Talking of Mabel, a lovely lady on Twitter sent Mabel a Little Pooches doggy hamper with doggy biscuits and 'Pup-Cakes' with Mabel iced on them. I'll try to put photos on here but thank you, Mabel loved it and she shared a bit with Bess.  Tony, a nice man who has supported me for a long time, sent me some lovely pieces of jewellery and I especially loved the St Christopher.

I was then back in Alder Hey for a few bits and it was really funny cos everyone looking after me was diabetic and for the first time ever, there wasn't any hassle with me having a pump. Milly got to do some shopping in Liverpool and managed to get almost a new wardrobe. Then we went to Center Parcs for a mini break and we had a lodge with a hot tub and it felt so nice to be in the water. I haven't been properly in the water for over 4 years so it was bliss. Dad was going to get me one until we found out how much they are lol. Even without a hot tub, it's so nice to be able to lay flat in the bath.

I did some filming with the BBC for the Rotary Club Young Citizen Awards. It's really nice because I've won jointly with a friend from Alder Hey, Hannah and we're going to collect our awards together this Saturday. I'm a bit nervous about it cos it's on live television and I don't like being filmed. I get really nervous so I'm just hoping that I can say thank you, smile and run lol.
So this weekend, I'm down in Bournemouth and we're staying in The Suncliff Hotel which I hope is nice. I'm going to pretend is Spain or something lol! The awards are on Saturday and I think that they are shown on BBC at 11am or 11.30 or something like that.

The LEJOG cyclists are off to Lands End to start their ride next Thursday. They have got to cycle almost 1,000 miles which just seems impossible. You can read their blog here.
We are officially launching our charity on Tuesday 24th April, at Booths in Ulverston. The LEJOG cyclists will be arriving at about 4 o clock, before heading onto Scotland the following morning. I'm hoping to get there and would love to meet as many of you as can make it.
I'll be in trouble if I don't add the link to our Kilimanjaro challenge which my mum is attempting. Click HERE to see the team so far and sponsor them.

I promise that I will try to update much sooner next time!