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28 December 2011

Christmas in December :)

Well, I've survived radiation treatment, I'm still here and I'm actually feeling pretty good :)
So much to update on so I'll try to cover it all in a short 'ish kind of way lol.
Ready to be zapped!

I moved down to Cheshire into our little caravan at the Ridgeway Caravan park, Frodsham. The owners, Sue and David wouldn't let us pay a hire charge for it so we were really grateful to them and it was such a nice place. They are right next to miles of walks and beautiful woods and they even didn't mind Mabel staying there for a night which made me very happy! So thank you Sue and David. Radiation went well and it felt like I'd never been away, even though it was 3 years since my last lot. I had post sent there quite a few days - letters and cards, a light up pink christmas tree from Emma and my friend Sammi sent me a huge balloon Teddy which made me smile. I also met a special friend in radiation who is still there - hello Paul x x x 
A special 16th card

We came home for my 16th birthday and had some family and friends round for lunch which was nice. Mum ordered me some special balloons from Balloon Monkey but they were all floppy and not like they should have been so we were really disappointed. Then I was off on a surprise as spent the night at the Lakeside Hotel, which was a present from Tracey Jackson and some nice friends of hers. I really enjoyed the night, it was magical and it was a shame that we had to go the next day. Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday and sent me cards and gifts and things - so many people thought about me and that made my day.  
After my 16th birthday, Dad had a surprise and we went for a break to Center Parcs at Penrith which was so lovely to be away when everyone was stressed at home about Christmas.  Mum was a bit panicky because she hadn't done much shopping but her computer worked, so she just started ordering things online lol. All of the Special Delivery stuff turned up but the courier companies are a nightmare and we had cards saying they'll call tomorrow and we got people to wait in and they didn't call, and then three days later there was a card saying we missed them and to 'collect from your local depot' which isn't local!  So one parcel is still missing but all the rest got here, so not too bad.

Christmas was really special because I actually felt quite good and I was excited and so I woke at about 6am and didn't go to bed until midnight which is a really, really long day for me!  We had a lovely day - we opened some pressies in the morning and then my Nan and Grandad came and my cousins and Uncle and then we opened more pressies and then we had a nice lunch, but it was almost tea time by then lol.  We watched Polar Express in 3D at night time and it was amazing - it's my favourite Christmas film.  Well, that and 'Elf' which always makes me laugh.

On Boxing Day, it was my Nan's birthday and we went to her house for a family party and ate far too much and then just came home and lay on the sofa feeling fat. We watched 'Lou and Andy' on 'Little Britain Abroad' and it was so funny - I love them, they make me laugh so much.

I've spent some time with my cousin Rhys yesterday and today and we went into the Lakes for some lunch and then a bit of shopping in Ambleside and at last I got to see 'New Years Eve' at the cinema (I've been trying to go for ages). It was great and I laughed quite a bit - go and see it while it's still on. It made me want to see this ball drop thing in New York city.  I've also seen 50/50 which I thought was hilarious too even although it's about a lad with cancer - I kind of got the humour, even though everyone expects you not to find anything funny about cancer lol.

I'm starting full on with my charity in the New Year and so if you have anything that you can offer to help families enjoy a break, please email and let me know.  Our website will be up and running soon and we'll be telling you all of our plans for the next year :)  Oh and I think that my friend Simon still has two places left on his LEJOG bike ride (a very very long way) so if anyone fancies doing that let me know (or you could climb Kilimanjaro in September with my mum lol).

I'm home and back in business so I won't leave it so long next time.

Still very much alive and kicking lol,
Love Alice xxx