6 June 2011

Hello :)

Hello :)
It's a bit funny me doing a blog because mum has always done these sort of things and I've never really being interested before. 
Most of you know that my scan at Alder Hey wasn't very good and that the cancer is now spreading through my body. It's a pain because there's so much stuff that I still want to do. I guess that my particular cancer is made of strong stuff (which is hard because I know I gave it my all and I'm strong and determined too).
Anyway, mum always tells me that life is what we make of it and so I'm going to make the best of what I have and because there were so many things I still wanted to do, mum suggested that I turn my ideas into a bucket list.  I've not quite finished it yet, as I keep remembering other bits, so I might add things to is as I go along. 
I'm not expecting to do everything on it.  Some of the things are just not going to happen because I can't even leave the country now (I'm too much of a risk), but they're on there, because they were on my 'to do' list at some point.  So, I thought it would be fun to have my list online and to tick things off and do a little update on everything I do :)  If anyone has suggestions, please let mum or dad know because they don't know how to do all of it yet.  They're working on it!

There was a break there because I can't figure out how to add a list.  I think I'm going to have to ask mum to do it because she can do anything.  I'll press the post button and then I'll try and post the list through the day. 


  1. Alice, I couldn't have wished for a more amazing daughter. I admire your strong morals and your ability to rise above those less worthy. You're a truly wonderful person, inside and out and you make me smile every day. I love you sweetheart x

  2. Alice I will do EVERYTHING I can to help tick off the boxes of your bucket list as soon as it is up! You are a truely incredible young lady and you are in our thoughts everyday!!

  3. Alice! What a great writer you are! Must have got that from your amazing mum!
    If you want me to do anything in Sydney for your bucket list I'd be honored to!
    You are gorgeous! You are so strong! I'm thinking of you and sending you love and hugs and kisses and leg rubs and anything else you need!
    Renee xxxxx

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  5. Hello Alice :-D
    love your profile pic, mable has well and truly grown into a fine looking girl!
    Your mum couldnt have written a more fitting comment you are all that and more!!!
    Looking forward to seeing your 'list' - let's see how many things we can 'tick off'
    Anna x
    Hahaha you wouldn't believe the trouble I am having trying to post this - think i have cracked it this time!!

  6. It's worked!! Had to put it on anonymous !!!! Have to try and work out a better system :)

  7. Amanda Macbeth7 June 2011 at 11:53

    Hi Alice

    I seem to be technically challenged too as I have tried to 'follow' you and it doesnt want to play. I will get Andrew to sort it out at home.

    Anyway, I wanted to volunteer to help with your bucket list in any way I can. I don't know many useful people myself but I know people who know useful people, if you know what I mean. So let's see what we can do.

    Renee is right - you are a great writer - something I think you get from your mum. You have also got her strength and beautiful personality. You Pynes are a tough bunch and it's one of the great honors of my life that I know you all.

    Lots of love

    Amanda xxxxxx

  8. Hi Alice, your blog was emailed to many by Luke Tillen so hope you dont mind us writing!
    I work with teenagers just like you and you guys never fail to amaze me, your strength of spirit is a credit to you and your family, let us have your bucket list, am guessing it'll be a big bucket!

    Take good care

  9. Hi Alice
    you are one tough cookie! just like your Mum!
    Love your list and I hope to help you with some - keep adding to it.
    Nikki and all at Over The Wall

  10. Hi, hope you don't mind but I shared your link on my Facebook status and one of my friends is having problems writing on here but has a caravan you can stay in x Karen

  11. Chelsea's Angels will try and organise something. Is there anything that has been sorted yet as don't want to double up
    lots of love

  12. Alice, you are one amazing young lady and I wish that I had the strength and the detrmination that you and all the Pyne family have. Love the list, keep adding to it and I'm sure people will help you tick things off. Lots of love Kate Dee

  13. Hi Alice
    Hoping Dave and I can help with your bucket list. You are amazing and beautiful, inside and out and so are your lovely family.
    Lots of love from the Olleys xxxxx

  14. Hey Alice,

    My family and yours have never met, but we feel like we know you so well through Facebook and my sister. We think about you everyday and are so very proud of what you have achieved, getting people on the BMR and raising funds for charity. I am now on the Bone Marrow Registry - and that was nobodies doing but yours!! Luv ya!!! Tracyx

  15. I truely hope you tick everything off your bucket list, I will spread the word and help as best I can.I noticed you wanted to be a dolphin trainer for a day and cant travel abroad now, what about going on a boat trip somewhere in the uk to dolphin spot? Where would you like to go in a caravan can you travel far, I know of someone who has a caravan in wales I could ask them.loads of love michelle

  16. Jane in Torquay7 June 2011 at 14:31

    Alice, I'm a chocolate lover and if you can get Cadbury World to open an account or something I'll gladly contribute to the costs of a trip there for you and your family. I wish you lots of luck in achieving your goals.

  17. What a wonderful list Alice! Please do let us know if we can help you to achieve any of them in any way. I am very good at pestering people via email or phone! Love from Nicky Curtis (MSH Christmas 2009) xx

  18. Hi Alice, trying to get hold of you with some information on your list. How can I do that?

  19. Hi Alice,
    Let me know if I can send you anything from Australia to help with the list. Good luck with Mabel, she looks like a winner to me!!
    Love, Helen Topalov xx

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  21. Wow Alice - what an inspiration - I have shared your link on my Facebook, and hope you have your wishes fulfilled xxxx

  22. Hi Alice,

    I am writing from Cadbury World. We would be delighted to offer you and your family a visit. Could you please email me at: cadburyworldwebsite@kraftfoods.com

    Keep smiling :)


  23. Hi Alice,

    Thank you for sharing your bucket list. I will put my thinking cap on to see if there is any way I can do something to help with at least one tick!

    Hannah x

  24. Hi Alice.. What an inspiration you are, and so strong.

    The photo of you and your dog is absolutely beautiful :) I hope you have all your list ticked off. Have tweeted your link :)

    Lots of love xx

  25. Hi Alice,

    What an inspiration,I'll be thinking of you and your family and hoping you get to tick so many things off your list.

    I could help with the Whale Watching item on your list. If you or your mum and dad want to contact me at natalya@btbuddies.org.uk and I'll get back to you you or our parents asap.

  26. Wish you all the best, tweeting this at people who might be able to help make your wishes come true xx

  27. This is doing the rounds on Twitter now. Hopefully between us, we'll be able to help out in a few places. x

  28. Alice - send me an email - I'm pretty sure I can help with a few of those. NIKKI X

  29. Hi Alice,

    Can not manage swimming with sharks but I can organise feeding sharks!

    Mind your fingers x

  30. You are a remarkable young lady..I am sending this over the social networks at people who may be able to help you tick some of those boxes on your bucket list xx

  31. You are just an incredible inspiration. I'd love to do a photoshoot for you if you still wanted one. Just shoot me an email on schloo@gmail.com. I hope you get to achieve everything on your list :)


  32. Alice,

    I would love to help you tick off your bucket list. Is there a way that I can PM you or your parents?

    Stay strong

    L :O)

  33. Hi Alice---
    We'd like to get in touch to help with getting you a photo shoot with Mabel and your friends. How can we contact your mom to help set it up?

    Jamie Klingler

  34. Hi Alice! Found this via Twitter, like lots of other people it seems. Lots of v good things to do on your list! You seem like a great girl. Wondered if there was any restrictions in terms of area - where you'd be willing to travel to etc? Within the limits of the UK, I mean :)

    Really great idea x x

    P.S. Maybe your parents could set up some kind of donation page for one of the things on the list so for those who don't know people who could help, they could donate a little instead, so maybe everyone could chip in to get, say, the chocolate room at Alton Towers? x

  35. Would love to help make some of your dreams come true. I particularly like the back massage (big fan & thoroughly recommended) & staying in a caravan (not a big fan & I wonder why). Please let me know if I can help you do either of these.
    Karen x

  36. You're an amazing, inspiring young lady. I'm spreading the word and I have no doubt the offers will come pouring in. x

  37. youre a courageous girl- i know you cannot travel to Kenya- but if something changes and you can- please get in touch w me - i grew up there, and have childhood friends who are in the tourism business and *may be gracious and kind enough to help.

    my email is on my blog's 'About' page- www.thespicespoon.com, i wont write it here lest i should get spam from the internet)

    best wishes to you and your family.

    x shayma

  38. hey Alice,
    just stopping by to say hi and let you know we're all willing to help with the list. Keep adding to it won't you. You never know what might happen! And Emily said if you get to go to Cadbury World please can she come to :-)))
    Love to mum, milly, mabel, bess and dad (last again Simon!)
    Jane and Percy xxxx

  39. Hey Alice,

    Just wanted to drop a quick note and say you are AMAZING! I'm (like loads of other people!)sharing your blog on Twitter and hoping you manage to tick each one of your list. I'm sure you will!!

    Take care! x

  40. Hello Alice

    Your mum is right: you are amazing - and it sounds as if you have a wonderful family. I found the link to your blog on Twitter and I've done a tweet about you too.

    Am old enough to be your granny and I've recently had cancer too but am lucky enough to be getting better. The much nicer thing we have in common is Labradors (I have two) and your Mabel is a very gorgeous girl.

    Will help with tweets to see what we can tick on that bucket list of yours.

  41. I'm sorry I can't help directly but, like a lot of other people, I'm spreading this link around Twitter & I'm sure we can get most of the treats on your list sorted - plus a few more besides!

    Where are you based? And how would you like all the various hairdressers / photographers / dolphins with email accounts to contact you?

  42. Hi Alice
    I've posted your bucket list on Twitter so it should be flying around the world by now.
    Lets hope it all gets ticked off quickly so you can make another one:-)
    I'm a beauty therapist and I'd love to send you some nice girlie products. If you email me an address to send them to I get them sent ASAP.
    chin up and keep strong.
    Cute dog too


  43. Fingers crossed you get a bunch of these things done. Twitter is buzzing with your name so fingers crossed, but keep adding to the list, you don't want to run of things to wish for!

  44. Hi Alice,
    Saw your blog link on facebook and would like to know if there is any way we can send some money by paypal? We are in the US, but would love to help you out. Please email me with the paypal information.
    Looks like you are going to be able to tick off a lot on your list, hope you get to do all that is possible.

  45. Hi Alice,
    I would be honoured to come and do a photoshoot for you and to take a picture of you with Mabel.
    You can contact me through petecranston.com
    I think you truly inspirational.

  46. Dear Alice - this blog is such a wonderful idea. Keep at it, and keep fighting. Your bravery is inspiring and humbling.

    I do have a niece who is qualified in Thai massage, which is wonderful for the back. We live in Scotland, but perhaps I could send her to you on the train. Come to my blog at taniakindersley@blogspot.com if you are interested.

    I wish you all the luck in the world.


    PS Your dog is lovely too. :)

  47. Hi Alice
    If I could put you in my bag for Kenya I would... my sister has had a great idea for us to make for you while we are there ..So I would love to know what do you mostly want to see and we can try and let you share some of our time there with you x love from the MJ's x x x x x x x

  48. Hello Alice
    I also have terminal cancer, but I'm 40 now. When I was first diagnosed I went on a long weekend to Centre Parcs with my children, sister and her two children to give me a break from chemo. They arranged and paid for everything at The Willow Foundation. They arrange special days for people under 40 like us. I think they could help you with Take That or one of your bigger wishes - my friend went on the Hollyoaks set when she was having her chemo.
    http://www.willowfoundation.org.uk/SpecialDays is the link. I had massages/facials but needed a letter from my oncologist to say it was OK, some places won't do massage if you have cancer!

    Keep doing what you're doing chicken, lets both stay happy with what we have as long as we can.

    Lisa x

  49. Sorry - meant to say: leave a message on my blog if you would like the massage. Or you can find me on Facebook.

  50. Keep going Alice. With an positive attitude like yours Sunshine comes from you. :)


  51. I hope you achieve everything on your list. I advise everyone to get on twitter and tweet http://twitter.com/#!/takethat

    Its their official page, and if enough people post a link to this blog maybe they will listen?

  52. Hi Alice,
    This blog is a great idea and I'm sure lots of people will help you. Twitter is definitely doing its part and I hope we can make things happen for you.
    Keep us posted of your news and much love...

  53. Put a Paypal button on.

  54. Hi Alice,

    I too have spread the word via twitter and facebook and hope that many more people will see and help with you your list.

    You are most courageous and an inspiration to everyone.

    Good luck with your list.

    Stay happy,

  55. Hi Alice,

    Hoping we can help with your bucket list too! You are such an amazing person and an inspiration to everyone!

    I've been in touch with Cadbury's World and Emma Bridgewater - and my sister's got a gorgeous caravan in Wales if you'd like to go, it's at Woodlands Holiday Park in Tywyn, it's beautiful...

    I've shared your link on Facebook - trying to find a way for you to meet Take That - as long as I can come with you!!

    Big hugs and lots of love,

    Jayne Bunning xxx

  56. Everyone who's commenting is asking what they can do. I have signed up to the bone marrow register. Everyone else should too.

    Sending you so much love Alice, enjoy what time you have left.

  57. Hi Alice

    I saw a link to your blog on Facebook and tweeted the link on Twitter. I know it's been retweeted a gazillion times so hope you're well on the way to ticking off a lot of items on your list.

    Stay strong, stay positive and let me know if there's anything I can add to the list. I write teen books so would be happy to ask my publishers to send you some stuff to read for when you're not busy with all the great things people are setting up for you.


  58. Hey Alice,

    Your list is going to circle the world via Twitter; it has a tendency to make good things happen for good people.

    Keep smiling :)



  59. Hi Alice,

    I found your blog through Twitter and like others here I too have tweeted it and sent it on through Facebook.

    I hope you achieve everything on your list. You deserve to. You are an inspiration.

    I see that you have two offers of photoshoots. I too am a photographer and I would love to do a photoshoot with you and Mabel and your friends or just you and your friends or just you and Mabel.

    I will be up in your neck of the woods between 15th and 18th June if you have any free time then for a shoot I would love to come over to you to do it.

    You can contact me via my photoblog or via email: nicola@nicolaalbon.com.

    Best wishes


  60. Hi hun! I am a pastry student from the USA. Your blog is so touching. I live in the midwest and will be traveling to Yellowstone in two months! Is there anything I can get you or send you from this side of the pond?

  61. To a very special young lady: Alice
    I wish you all that you wish for yourself & once the word gets around on Twitter & FB I'm sure you will have some happy opportunities, but most of all I’m gonna' pray that you win this battle
    Best Wishes

  62. Hi Alice,
    Love your determination, you go girl!
    I'd be pleased to offer you a photoshoot, my website is www.fwphotography.co.uk. I shoot a lot of brides so know how to make a girl look fab. But most importantly, I'm a story teller so would hope to photograph your friendships in a meaningful way. Memories are so important aren't they! I also do photofilms so it might be fun to add a bit of that in too! Let me know if I can tick sth of your bucket list for you, I'm up in the lakes in a few weeks to do a photoshoot for a singer/songwriter artist. fjonahill@gmail.com

  63. Hi Alice
    I have two daughters and would be so proud to have another just like you. You're full of bravery, anticipation, and inspiration.
    For someone so young you have been through alot, yet you seem so wise.
    I wish you good luck with your "Bucket List".....if ever there was one worthy wish, it would be to make all the sick well again,
    Love Jo xxx

  64. Alice,

    Just read through this blog of yours.

    The outlook you have on your life amazes me, I am really touched by what I have read here on your page.

    I hope you achieve the things you want, you deserve them :)


  65. Alice - Brave, inspirational Alice. Hang in there while we use our most creative imaginations to help tick off your bucket list. I live near the Woburn Safari Park, which is nothing like Kenya, but there are amazing ways of getting close to animals. Is there somewhere like that near you? If not, come to Woburn as my guest!

  66. Alice, my heart goes out to you and your family. You seem like an amazing girl, and I hope that you get to do all of the things on your list. Is there a way to help you do this, or donate?

  67. Alice, you're obviously a very strong person and I'm full of admiration for you. I run a vintage caravan hire company so I can fulfil one of your wishes, maybe two as my caravans are often part of photo shoots and I'm sure I can arrange one of those for you too. Email me at info@hazydayscaravanhire.co.uk and we can arrange a stay for you in one of our caravans. That's all I can do, wish I could do lots more. Zoe

  68. What an inspirational young lady you are. I would happily travel a long way to have the honour of fulfilling one of your photo shoots, or even doing one not on your list. Have a look at my blog and see if it is the kind of shots you like the look of: www.kms-photographyblog.co.uk. My contact details are on the blog. If I can help with anything else on your list, please let me know. Kerry xx

  69. Will be keeping an eye on this page would love to be able to help if you begin taking donations or anything! your blog is fantastic will be keeping tabs xxx

  70. You are a brilliant young lady.
    I have to go to work now but would like to help with your list, how do we get in touch with you or your parents?

  71. Hey Alice,

    You are amazing and I've no doubt that you'll get to do all the bucket list things that are possible - and more!

    Your courage and bravery made me stop in my tracks today. I've retweeted your blog and notice many others have too.

    Wishing you every success in your quest - you'll have changed a lot of lives in a very short space of time, just you watch.

    Big love to you, extraordinary lass.

    Kate x

  72. Hi Alice, Its wowies here...xxxxx
    I am an extremely qualified hairdresser.... I have had my own salon... and also lectured in hair, beauty and various alternative therapies...so obviously I am at your serve.... Anything you want...that I can do.... Im free...24-7... xxxx
    my kitties Angel-cakie and bebo baby bellybutton...sent you supersnuggles too... mwah xxxx

  73. Hi Alice,

    Another stranger here, but I'll be putting the word out on Twitter to see if we can help you out in any way. What an inspiration you are!


  74. Wow, Alice you are an inspiration to all of us, living your life to the fullest... thank you for being you! Much love to you...

  75. Dear Alice,
    You are such an inspiration. I live not far from Cadbury World and have some amazing friends who massage backs :-)
    You are very welcome to come here to Worcestershire and have the house as a base to do these things off your bucket list.
    I know there's a funny name on this - my pen name - but you can contact me at suewood@blueyonder.co.uk.
    All the very best xx

  76. What an amazing young lady you are! And what an amazing attitude to life you have. I too saw this via Twitter. How about a zoo or animal park to be a dolphin trainer, even if just for a day? I'm sure somewhere could arrange/gift that for you? Good Luck! x

  77. Alice, I can probably help with a (free) photoshoot :) My website is www.kirstenmavric.co.uk and you can email me through it xxx

  78. You are very brave. Let's try and get some attention to this list. A

  79. Hi Alice

    I posted a link to your blog on Twitter and lots of people have contacted me thinking I can pass on all their kind offers! Maybe you could set up an email address but write here safely, without the @ and the .com, so spambots can't find it, for example: "bucket_list at gmail dot com". You've gone viral on the internet so I think a lot of your wishes will come true! :-) xx

  80. Hi Alice,
    I don't know you but I came across your list through Twitter and I noticed that one thing on your list was to have a private cinema party with your friends. Well I don't know if you have sorted that one out yet but if you haven't and there is a Cineworld cinema near you get in tough with them! As my drama school holds private showings of the films we make at Cineworld and I'm sure they would be more than happy to arrange something for you :)
    Good luck hun <3 Hope you achieve everything you want to :) Your an inspiration Love and best wishes xxxx

  81. Alice, you are amazing, staying as positive as you are. That's real strength, a true 'Wonder Girl' ;)

    Myself & some of my friend on twitter are thinking of ways we can help you tick off some of the things on list. Not sure if we can make it work, but are going to try honey :)

    Just a thought, your mum probably has already looked into it, but incase have you looked at: http://www.make-a-wish.org.uk/

    You keep smiling & all of us will try & get working on that bucket list for you x x x x

  82. Hey Alice

    I think you should set up & publish an email address where people who want to help you can get in touch - that way you can filter the great offers from the unmissable ones!

    Also, I think you're going to need a longer list...

  83. Hey Alice as someone that has had Cancer twice I would like to help you out as much as I can from your list you have shared with us. I would very much like you to have all your dreams come true. Lots of love Aaron X

  84. You are an inspiration and cause me to reflect on, enjoy and appreciate every moment. Life is precious and you are a reminder of that. I will check back in to see if you set up a PayPal account or some other way to accept donations so that I can help to make your dreams come true.

  85. Hi Alice, I would love to give you a very special back massage! I do a special type of massage that is really good for relaxing your body and calming all your emotions down... So, if you want to contact me, you can email me at yeshesarah@gmail.com

  86. Alice, chris@empiremagazine.com will help you with your 'cinema party' request. contact him at the email above. All the best, James @NYCanaries on twitter

  87. P.S. I live quite near you, and there would be absolutely no charge...

  88. Hi Alice,

    I do not know you but came across your blog like many others on Twiiter.

    You truly are an inspiration. I would love to help where I can and will keep an eye on your growing list to see what I can do.

    I have forwarded your blog onto the press office at Alton Towers to see if they can arrange for you to stay in the chocolate room.

    Stay strong, sending you lots of love,

  89. i came across this link on twitter and have since tweeted to my followers and posted on facebook. your strength and courage, particularly at such a young age, are remarkable and i am going to do everything i can to help tick some things off that list.

    ps as of friday i will be joining the bone marrow donor list so well done you!

  90. Hi Alice,

    You are amazing!

    I hope you achieve everything on your list and more. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. xx

  91. What a lovely person you are. No wonder your mum is so proud of you. Mabel reminds me of Marley, which is one of my favourite books too. Just wanted to say I really hope you achieve everything on your Bucket List. Hugs from N Ireland

  92. Hey Honey, a friend sent me a link to this. Im a photographer based in kendal and I'd gladly help you tick one off :-) my website is www.lornacoatesphotography.co.uk
    and I'm on Facebook www.facebook.com/LornaCoatesPhotography If you like my work send me an email at studio@lornacoatesphotography.co.uk and we will sort something out. xxx

  93. Alice, everyone has already said so many nice things about you. You're a sobering inspiration to those of us who often feel a bit sorry for ourselves.

    I wish you, and your whole family, all the very best fr the time you have together. We should all be signing up to the bone marrow register!

    And to everyone who has messaged with offers, praise and care - keep it up. Who ever said humanity was on it's way out. Well done to all of you - keep making a difference


  94. like most people here, I got this link off Twitter.
    Have you got an email address for your parents, as some of these need to be organised with transport etc. I can try and help with one of those!!....

  95. Dear Alice
    What a superly fabulous girl you are. The only thing I can help with on your Bucket List is to sign up to be a bone marrow donor, and I will do that as soon as I sign off here. I send you tons of love and energy, and hope that many people see this and help you to achieve your wishes.
    Lots of love
    Kay xx

  96. Hey Alice, I came across your blog on twitter & have tweeted @takethat to see if they'll meet you. Also http://www.make-a-wish.org.uk/wishes/how-do-i-refer-a-child/ is for a charity that helps make your wishes come true. I have looked into being a bone marrow donor but because of my Fibromyalgia I'm not allowed. I see you have lots of offers for your photography, so hopefully before long you'll have done most of the list! Good luck, xx

  97. Hi Alice, try contacting Blue Planet Aquarium, I'm sure they'll help you swim with sharks. They're on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Blue-Planet-Aquarium/90827708340

    or on their own website: http://www.blueplanetaquarium.co.uk/

  98. make a wish foundation, starlight foundation and willow tree foundation all help make 'dreams' come true. Also there is a place in Bournemouth I think you would enjoy that is for cancer patients. It is an amazing place, I have been myself and stayed there and it comes highly recommended. They may even know people who can make your list reality. They are the Youth Cancer Trust.

  99. Hello Alice

    I found you from Twitter and I will retweet to send even more people to you.I will keep an eye on your blog too so if there are any requests that I can help with, I will.Take care of yourself.

  100. Hey Alice,
    A few of us found out about your wishlist via twitter. Come and join us - @annieqpr @madbouncydogs @Trishie_D

    Lets make this happen!!!

  101. Alice, have just heard this from Make a Wish on twitter:

    And have given me this link that you can use for a wish referral: http://ow.ly/5ci0J

    We are still working to see what else we can do x x

  102. PS Blogger doing something very odd and wont let me post as myself. I'm a fellow blogger and heard about your blog on twitter.
    Lots of Love. Fiona.

  103. Hi Alice,
    I'm the Venue Manager of the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne, and we'd love to throw a private cinema party for you and your friends with whatever film you like in our private screening room, the digital lounge, you can see it here http://www.tynesidecinema.co.uk/hire/private-hires

    Popcorn and comfy sofas! Drop me a line at leigh.venus@tynesidecinema.co.uk and we'll take care of it.


  104. Hi Alice,
    I've seen the post on twitter and have RT'd more than 100 people have retweeted and you can see the stats here: http://twitter.com/#!/Trishie_D/statuses/78130381517369344

    I will do everyhting I can to make the Emma Bridgewater idea a reality for you.

    Best of luck with it all,

  105. As you know a purple ipad does not exist, however I am willing to give you my purple ipad case, just in case your mum manages to borrow one. It is for an original ipad 1 though, not ipad 2. Contact me via my website comment page. Good luck

  106. Off twitter straight here..Please update so we know what's left on your bucket list..Am immensely touched and in awe of your strength....Please update and lets see what we can help with. Wendie

  107. Hi Alice,

    Just stopped by cause I found out about your blog. I admire the way you deal with things. Your an inspiration!
    If there's any way I can help you from The Netherlands, let me know!

    X Lenny

  108. You're an inspiration. I have recently finished treatment for Leukemia and I wish more of the people I met during my time in hospital were as strong and as positive as you. Good luck with your list :)

  109. Just crying from the love been shown here..

  110. Hey Alice, contact Genesis Cinema in East London, ask for general manager Jarryd and say Zoe sent you. They're a lovely small independant cinema that may be able to accomodate your requests <3 xxxx

  111. Alice, I will do everything I possibly can to help you with your bucket list. If your mum or someone else wants to contact me, I will make my time, contacts and resources available to help immediately.

    Lots of love,



  112. Well I'm following your blog now so I can watch this list get ticked off! I can understand the cadburys world one, but swim with sharks?! EEK! I don't even like dipping my toes in a river! ;O) I expect there are going to be some very fabulous pictures capturing these special moments! xx p.s I found out about this on twitter, you are going to be more famous that Alan Sugar at this rate! ;O)

  113. Hi Alice
    I have posted your bucket list on Facebook and Twitter - I have also Tweeted @TakeThat and @RobbieWilliams to see if they can help!
    Fingers crossed for you.
    Christine xxx

  114. Hi Alice,

    You're an inspiration to everyone. Let me know if I can help in anyway. I will be looking at your bucket list to see if I can help in anyway.

    Leila xxxxxxx

  115. Dearest Alice,
    Your story is inspiring and you teach all of us with your wisdom that is well beyond your years. You are so beautiful inside and out. I pray that you will cross off everything on you bucket list in one way or another. Remember, there is always a way to do everything, even if at first look it seems impossible. So you say you can't go to kenya? Try google earth and look at all the pictures and the street views. Google earth is easily downloaded and a great way to see the world when you can't travel there. :) Also, check out any documentaries you can find about it. I am there in spirit with you. Don't think of your life as ending, think of it as finishing a chapter and beginning another. Make this chapter one to remember because you are unforgettable.
    With all my love,
    a friend

  116. Oh, forgot to mention, if you'd prefer the roxy, we could do that too, just let us know.




  117. Please could either you or your mum e-mail me so I can see what on your bucket list has not yet been taken care of?
    Thank you


  118. Looks like you're well on your way to having a fair few of your list ticked off :) As you can't travel to Ireland, is there anything we could perhaps post you from here that could perhaps fulfill a wish? I see you love chocolates- perhaps you'd like a box of the unusual, handmade in Ireland, flavors from artisan chocolate maker The Truffle Fairy. Have a look at their list at http://www.trufflefairy.com/products.html & you can email me at hello@vibrantireland.com and let me know what flavors you'd like & I can go arrange to have a box posted to you. Anything else we could try & do for you from here, let me know! Enjoy your back massage & all the other lovely experiences! Best wishes for you & your family, Susan

  119. This comment has been removed by the author.

  120. I can help you with your web site. No charge. We can add donation buttons and make it simple and yours. www.top-pocket-pa.com if you would like me to help, then please feel free to contact me
    Love and light, good luck in your quests

  121. Good luck Alice! Sorry I can't offer any help with the bucketlist but I'm sure this will go global and you'll do far more than ever expected :) x

  122. Hi Alice
    My name is Sam and without sounding totally weird I can give you back massage (I saw it on your list). I'm a qualified beauty therapist and would love to help you tick one thing off your list. Plus I know a few hair dressers too

    Let me know (email: thebeautydiaries@hotmail.co.uk)


  123. Hi Alice,

    You are truly an inspiration and it is incredible to see that someone who is young and faced with such challenges ahead is still so positive. You really are a fabulous girl and you deserve everything on your bucket list!

    Now, to try and help with your list so far! I have previously worked for Walt Disney World in Florida, and have a lot of friends there so if you want anything from Disney World itself sent over, or Universal Studios, Seaworld etc then let me know and can have them sent to you if you cannot get there yourself! I am also a volunteer for Make-A-Wish so am looking into information there also! My email is the_sane_lunatic@hotmail.com if you want to get in contact!

    You're amazing and you're going to get everything on your bucket list, so keep adding to it to make your dreams come true! xx

  124. Ok, Alice & your family, so I've also tweeted Cadbury World (hopefully you can go & make yourself sick on chocolate! Not as much fun as you think... lol), Take That, Apple (for the iPad that you're not supposed to ask for...), The Kennel Club (as they should know re dog shows for Mabel) xx

  125. I'd love to help with a photo shoot - don't have a studio but sure we can work around that - am @kittencaboodle on twitter if you want to get in touch! x

  126. Dear Alice;

    Thanks so much for posting your bucket list and giving us a chance to help.

    I am signed up on the Bone Marrow registry here in the US and I will ask others to do the same.

    I wish you and your family all the best...

    Love and light,


  127. Alice, I posted on here earlier at 11:09. I used to work with Mark Owen's dad, and so I am trying to make contact with him now to see what I can sort out for you!!

    Keep fighting, you are an inspiration and your positive outlook is something that just takes my breath away!

    I will let you know if I manage to sort anything out!!

    Take care and GOOD LUCK

    Darren H

  128. Alice, you're amazing!
    I'm a cellist in Dublin, Ireland.
    Is there anything fun I can do for you from here?
    Lots of love x

  129. Also, my folks live near a cadburys factory (not in birmingham) in Chirk - North Wales, and my dad has a lot of mates who work their, maybe they could let you go on a tour or something and see how choc is made before getting your hands on their famous 'broken biscuits' - they're the best!

    Let me know what you think


  130. Hey... that's a Great bucket list... You know i've always meant to be a bone marrow donor (as I'm o negative blood group) so I'll sign up! Can't see anything else on the list I can do right now but I'll keep checking for updates and will help in any way I can :)
    ps I love Mabel ^..^

  131. Hi Alice, you are such inspiration. If there is anything i can do then please let me know i live in Ulverston. Much love Sharon xxx

  132. Hi Alice, you're a very strong lady and I admire you an awful lot. My boyfriend has had cancer twice, and has only just recovered from major surgery, it's gotta be hard for yourself and your family but everyone will help to make your list come true. Especially us, if there's anything we can do at all for anybody, just send us a message on the link below, or to my personal account. Charlotte Alabama Lombardi. Much love darling, and many blessings.

  133. Alice, we have never met but I am so proud of you! you truly are an inspiration and I hope your journey is amazing and memorable for you, your family and friends. Cancer sucks. I wish for you to get most of the things done on your bucket list.
    Sending you lots of love.
    With hope,

  134. Hi Alice,

    I've found your blog through twitter. I think your bucket list is a great idea. I don't know about showing Labradors, but I did used to show other dogs, so I've managed to find you a link to the North West Labrador club, who might be able to help you: http://www.northwestlabradorretrieverclub.co.uk/
    Good luck, and I hope you manage to take Mabel to a show.

  135. Have tweeted Cadbury World in hope they will respond. Let us know! You are humbling and fabulous. Thank you for putting life in perspective.

  136. Hi Alice - please drop me a line if I can help you out with a Photoshoot :-) check out my website smalldetailsphotography.co.uk and if you like my pics then I'm sure we can sort something out :-) x x

  137. Hello Alice
    I've tweeted Cadbury World too and re-tweeted Alton Towers. Hope they both come up trumps for you.
    Seems you've touched a lot of hearts and from your writing I can see why. Keep smiling girl and best wishes

  138. Hi Alice and Alices Mum and Dad - I have sent an email but you may not have received it - I used the address at the top of the page.
    Happy to do the photoshoot and have sent you a flickr link to look at my photos.
    If I can help please ask Mum or Dad to contact me.
    My home number is in the email.

  139. Me again! A friend has just passed me details for Take That's management from meeting them a few years ago. Shall email tonight & fingers crossed we can direct them to your blog! x

  140. thankyou so much for giving me the reality check I needed after a down day, I have googled anthony nolan trust and am getting myself on the register.
    |thankyou xxx

  141. Alice I so wish you achieve as many of these things a possible, you are such an inspiration and have touched so many peoples hearts without maybe realising, when Luke introduced your story to us we have 'followed' you on facebook ever since, sending you lots of love and saying lots of prayers for you and your family xxxx

  142. I'm going to bed soon, so will leave you be I promise! lol, also found http://www.blueplanetaquarium.com/attractions/junior_shark_dives.asp. Have tweeted them too & I know at least 2 others have also. We'll get it sorted :-) xx (@witchygrrl on twitter)

  143. Hi Alice you are a caring,beautiful and compassionate young lady. Your mu is so right its about the journey,and smiling everyday.Good luck with your bucket list, if we can help in any way let us know.
    Jo-Anne, Jack, Lucy and Sam xxxx

  144. Alice,
    You are one truly inspirational girl. Your family and friends must be so proud. I wish I was half as strong and brave as you.
    I don't think you realise how many people you inspire.
    I really hope you manage to achieve as many things on your list as possible.
    Keep smiling :)
    Lots of love,
    Jenny (A post pals poster)

  145. I know it isn't quite the same but here are some pictures of Kenya!


    I know a lot of photographers for weddings as I run a wedding company so I have asked on Twitter if anyone in your area would be able to help you out with the photoshoot. Good luck achieving your bucket list, you are an inspiration, your strength is unbelievable and I wish you every good wish in the world.

  146. Dear Alice - what an inspiration you are. I'm going to sign up to the bone marrow donar registry now and will be tweeting a link to your site to drum up more support for your fantastic bucket list - I hope it helps to make these dreams a reality. Keep smiling, beautiful girl. Much love, Avie. Xxx

  147. Hi Alice, a friend of yours has contacted me on Facebook regarding your list.... my name is Dawn Kells of Kells Exclusive Images in Barrow, we are a photography company that specialise in photo-shoots and make-overs, we would love to offer you and your friends a photo-shoot at our studio please ask you mum and dad to contact me anytime on 01229 823401 check out www.kellsphotos.com for examples of our party photo-shoots, my hairstylists will help you out too! hope to speak to you Soon Dawn xxx

  148. Hi Alice :)

    Have you tried to contact Zeffirellis Cinema in Ambleside for a private screening


    I think they would be quite close to you - so not much travelling!

    Hope you can get something sorted with them :)


  149. Fingers crossed I might have some connections but just to ask before I put wheels in motion how far are you able to travel? I assume from a mention of Alder Hey you are in the Merseyside area, can you manage to travel within the UK? To Scotland, Wales, etc. or does it need to be very local? Would be useful for people to have an idea if they need to keep their focus within 50 or so miles or if there's a broader remit.

  150. Alice/Mum,
    I see you have offers for photo shoots which is brilliant. As a pro photographer I'd also like to offer my time. Please let me know if I can help. Maybe a fun photo shoot involving friends & pets.

    Genuinely, If I can help in anyway please let me know.


  151. ps bring mabel for your photo-shoot too! she is gorgeous!!
    Love Dawn Kells

  152. Alice you are one talented lady! I have shared your blog on my facebook page where many of my friends are cardmakers and dog lovers. Please let me know how I can help? I did send you a photo of my Basset Hound Hugo some time ago. Great to see a photo of you and Mabel.
    Keep strong :)

  153. Hope that you set up a donation button on your blog so we can donate to help you tick off those items on your bucket list.

    How about adding hot air balloon trip to your bucket list if you're able to do that?

    Our whole family is looking forward to following your blog.

    Sending lots of love xx

  154. Alice, you do not know me, and i do not know you but i am a huge supporter of Cancer Research. My friend tweeted your blog and you sound truly inspirational. Being only a year older than you i cannot really help with the bucket list, but would love to be kept updated so am now following you :) I really wish i could be as strong and as brave as you are, Good Luck Sweetie ;) Love Rach xxx

  155. Hi Alice,

    Wandered over here via twitter. I'm going to donate blood next week and will sign up as a bone marrow donor then!

    If there's anything I can send you from Ireland or the USA, please do let me know.

    Very best wishes full of love and hope,

  156. Hey Alice! I'm already signed up to be a bone marrow donor, but it I weren't - I would sure do it again just to make you happy :)

    I hope you beat the cancer and keep strong!

  157. Hey Alice. About the swimming with sharks (what a fantastic thing to want to do!). I saw this story not long ago - http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2010/feb/27/shark-diving-south-africa - about the best way to swim with Sharks in the Indian ocean off South Africa. I bet they would take you free if you asked them. Lots of love and courage to you, Dan

  158. Hello Alice.
    I can only echo what everyone has said before. You truly are an amazing and inspiration to all.
    I read a previous message from (Shellingtons time 11:37) today, about setting up a donation button that goes straight to you, to fulfil your bucket wish list.I would gladly donate.
    Love & Best wishes

  159. Hi Alice! Thinking of you and hoping you manage to do as many things on your bucket list as possible. You are amazing and beautiful. Take care, much love.

  160. Alice
    I have spread the word on twitter and facebook I really hope you get to tick things off your list and even the stuff you havent added yet - I hope your dreams come true.
    Try and get a donation button added too hun!
    I am a born again christian and my friends and I will pray for you and your family.
    You are so strong and brave keep your chin up and keep fighting.
    God's strength is perfect when ours is nearly gone.
    Lots of love and prayers -
    Rache xxx

  161. Best of luck with ticking off everything off your list! Saw a post about your blog on Post Pals & wanted to say hello & send all my love & best wishes!


  162. Fab list! I wish you so much luck with it. Ive tweeted Samsung (Take That sponsors) and also Hugo Burnand who took the photos at Kate and Wills wedding!! XXX

  163. Hello!

    I don't know you but I really wish I did. You are SO inspiring, and at such a young age. I am almost 25 so I'm about 10 years older than you but you have taught me the importance of time, and taking the opportunities you have to do the things you love. Thank you so much for writing this blog. You are amazing and I wish you a full recovery.

    I really hope you get to do most, if not all, of the things on your bucket list and my thoughts and prayers will be with you in your struggles.

  164. Hi Alice, I am helping to spread the word via Twitter and hopefully we can get a hairdresser to help you. Iots of love, Jemma x

  165. oh.. and just to add... someone mentioned a paypal button thingy... I think it's a great idea.. as then I could actually help a bit. pip

  166. Alice this is truly, truly inspiring. I'm pretty damn good at back massages so give me a buzz if you don't get someone better (I'm sure there are proper professionals out there who want to do it!!) and I am now searching Bone Marrow donation :)
    You write beautifully and even though I don't know you, I am so proud.
    If you do go to Alton Towers, make sure to go on Spin Ball Whizzer (I think it's called Sonic something now actually).. It's SO MUCH FUN :D
    Lots of love, Amy, 23, Edinburgh

  167. Anita Oakes (in Spain)7 June 2011 at 20:51

    Hi Alice
    I've added your blog to my Facebook and asked people to look at your list and see if anyone can help. You are so courageous and I can see why your Mom is so proud of you. My hubby is fighting cancer too so we know what you are going through. Keep up the good work and lots of luck with your list. Love Anita xxx P.S. I loved your comment 'Mom can do anything' xxx

  168. Wow - I bet your Mum never expected this reaction! Sending you both love and prayers. x

  169. Hi Alice
    I may be able to help with the caravan holiday in somerset on the coast. Contact me at johnlechef73@hotmail.com
    Goodluck with the rest and hope it can come true
    John Anna and the Girls

  170. Hi Alice! I saw the mentions of chocolate and Cadburys World, and decided that you're definitely my kind of girl :). I'm glad to see that you're getting some lovely offers here to help tick some of those items off your bucket list. I read about you on Facebook, and have posted there and on Twitter to spread the word about you. You sound like a gorgeous young lady to me, and I'm joining all your fans and well wishers in simply wishing you all the very best that life can bring you. And if you fancy giving reflexology a go, I might just be able to help you with that. Oh, and paint your toenails all the colours of the rainbow xx

  171. Hi Alice.

    I'm writing on behalf of myself and some of my fellow 3rd year student nurse colleagues at Coventry, who would like to do some fundraising for your wish list if that would be ok. If your mom is happy with that, please email me. We'd love to help you Alice. You are truly inspirational. Best wishes to you and your family xxx

    Laura (crookl2@uni.coventry.ac.uk)

  172. Wow, Alice - what an inspiration you are! You have reminded me to never take each breathe for granted, thank you. There's nothing on your list that I'm equipped to give you I'm afraid, but I've researched how to donate bone marrow and I pledge to you that I will make the necessary steps to getting on the register. I will also pray for you and your family.
    Lots of love, Hannah xxx

  173. Alice, I've just sent an email to some people I know about one of your items. I'll let you know if they say it can be done!

  174. FAKE. If recent events have taught us anything, it's that people will make up all sorts of lies to get what they want. FLUSH.

  175. I am now a bone marrow doner x

  176. I mean, this whole blog just SMACKS of fakery .. all so some "mum" wants to meet Take That.

  177. Hi Alice,

    You are so brave and inspirational.

    I found you blog on twitter so I've retweeted and hope that you get to tick lots of things off your list.

    Becky xx

  178. Chessie and Ben x7 June 2011 at 21:03

    Hi Alice, we would love to help you tick off some of the things on your list... we have contacted Apollo to ask about a private cinema showing and we will let you know about it as soon as we hear :) x
    Lots of Love,
    Chessie and Ben xxx

  179. Hi Alice
    Good list.
    About the photo shoot, if we could organise something in London (we would sort the train tickets out), would that be even possible for you. We don't want to over-promise, but it could be very exciting.
    Let us know.
    Jon & Nadia

  180. Hi Alice

    I hope you get everything on your bucket list and more.

    Thank you for sharing this; keep updating us.

  181. Hey Alice

    I'm Hannah. I live in Bedford, UK. I have pen pals in the US and Germany if i (my penpals) can help you out let us know.

    I also blog so if you need any help with yours let me know.

    Big hugs!


  182. Hello Alice,
    We run an independent cinema in Leicester and would love to help put on an awesome cinema party for you!
    Email us on hello@phoenix.org.uk and we will get on it!

  183. Hello Alice

    Just 'stay' in love and a place of positivity.

    You bring out the good in people and they want to help you. That is a very powerful gift.


  184. Hi Alice,

    I wish you lots of luck with your list and look forward to reading about them. I am a friend of Vikki's (from Post Pals) and saw your blog on her page. I will be watching out for things I can do to help.

    Much love,


  185. Hi Alice. I have signed up to give blood and donate bone marrow. I have tweeted Robbie, Gary and Howard of Take That. I have also tweeted George Michael and Chris Evans to see if they can help in anyway. I really hope you get to do everything on your bucket list. I'll continue to keep spreading the word.
    With all my love and best wishes.

  186. Sending you love from Edinburgh :) I hope all your list comes through and then some xxxx Jo and Gabriel

  187. Found this blog off of a twitter feed. Don't know how I can help with your list as I am in Canada.. But I am going to give blood and add myself to the bone marrow list :)

    Thanks for being amazing. It may nor mean anything, but reading your blog has enriched my life.

  188. Hello, I've got a bucket list too (it's not as good as yours though!). I know what it's like to go through the chemo, tests, treatments and all the bother.

    Whenever I started to lose heart I would listen to 'On A Mission' by Gabriella Cilmi - download it and shout out the words!

    Like you, I have a labrador and I LOVE Take That. I went to see them on Saturday and took some photos which I would love to send to you if you like (as long as you say your favourite is Mark!) It was hilarious when Mark and Howard got stuck on the OM robot.

    Anyway - I wish you love, strength, and above all a sense of humour.


  189. Hi, you can dive with sharks in Cheshire at Blue Planet aquarium. Their link is here:


    I hope you get the chance someday

  190. Good luck Alice, lovely lovely replies from people here and Mabel has to be the most beautiful Labrador ever, undoubtedly a winner!

    Can you travel to Aspinalls Zoo in Kent? The nearest thing to Kenya I can think of.

  191. Hi Alice, Wow you are quite amazing! I don't know if I can help you to do anything on your list but I will try. I have forwarded your details to my brother in law who may be able to help with the alton towers trip.
    I am truly inspired and will become a donor, that is a promise.
    Jo x

  192. Alice I would just like to say that you are an incredible lady and to say your an inspiration would be somewhat of an understatement. I feel honored to say that I have fulfilled one of the wishes on your bucket list and I am in fact a bone marrow donor through the Anthony Nolan foundation. My heart and thoughts will be with you always. Much love,

  193. Hi Alice
    I just wanted to leave a note to say it's amazing what you have created in this little space, and it's humbling to see your courage and read the outpouring of love there is for you. You are a brave and inspiring young lady, and I wish you all the best with your list xo

  194. One word... Inspirational!

    Good luck with your list xx

  195. Alice

    I hope you get all the items ticked off your bucket list. I will contact as many of mine (and Adrian's) contacts to make sure this happens.

    Lots of love Andrea xx
    (Adrian's PA at Marl)

  196. Alice you are an inspiration, such a strong and beautiful young woman, your parents must be so proud of you, anything i can do to help with your bucket list let me know

    all the best of luck with it

    sam xx

  197. Alice we have a motor home not a caravan but you are welcome to use it.

  198. Hi Alice! Also found you through Twitter. So many dreams we have in common! Chocolate, dolphins...! I'm in Sweden but would like to help with anything! You seem so strong and really understand what life should be about! Let me know if there's something from Sweden you want! Nice chocolates here! Keep inspiring us all! (theflyinghorses@gmail.com)

  199. Hi Alice - Philip Schofield pointed me in the direction of your blog. Looking through your bucket list, I want to help. If you'll let me, I'll organise for you to have that massage! (Had my first one last year, it's bliss!) Are you able to get to the Natural Health Centre? It's near Soutergate? (Looking at Google maps here, I'm nowhere near Cumbria!) Let me know, I'd love to be able to help you tick this one small thing off your list. :) x x
    Emma. x x x x